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Our Experience With Upper East Side Apartments

Are you looking for Manhattan real estate listings in The Upper East Side of New York City? We are expert real estate brokers and real estate agents serving NYC’s Upper East Side. With many years’ experience evaluating apartments, selling coops and condos and working hand in hand with prestigious apartment buyers our knowledge can make your purchase or sale successful. The diversity that apartments in The Upper East Side have makes buying or selling a property here an exciting endeavor.

Thinking about renting an Upper East Side apartment? There are different types of rental apartments here in this area of Manhattan. We have what is called a No Fee apartment which is an apartment where the building or management company will pay for the real estate fees. The other type of rental apartment we have here in Manhattan is known as a fee apartment. Typically these are either condos or coops that require the tenant or renter to pay the real estate brokers fee. There is many differences between the two it is better to ask us. Most of the time a fee apartment will be a little less in monthly rent in comparison to the same apartment in a no fee building. A No Fee apartment may be a little more per month to help pay for the fees over an amortization time period usually a one year lease.

The different layouts and floor plans of NYC Apartments

Many apartments, condos and coops here in The Upper East Side have layouts that are eclectic and unique to their own. It is always best to speak to us about your specific needs when thinking about buying a property here in Manhattan.


Types of UES Apartment Layouts